Well or course this meme…in addition to being a great segway to our next piece ..is really in some way a great meme about the meme below (You may call me ….Senor Meme (Tm)) We would venture to say, and at a later date venture to document (Kind of the way one it went with the Robert Greenwald name) that no one …perhaps a tiny group–but really no one did in fact benefit from ownership in a military supply company….while being in executive office….than did this chap above. But this chap has very libertarian and strength oriented views about America‘s Role in the World…they may not have been that libertarian for folks in the Middle East (So the liberation promised…not real yet) potential transprancy issue #5.* (*A note here….obviously the Bush Cheney folks would say its  a bam issue….the Bam people would say its the B/c admins issue…we show you it as clearly we can….and u decide. I decide when it comes to salad dressings and shit like that….at least for this  media project (and that probably is not true….but you certainly decide for yourself when.. viewing this project),

Former vp cheney has been involved with plenty of foundations…other than the NRA….love to talk to him about it and also on foreign policy….I’m sure some great stuff could come out of the conversation.

Also…the stories here and at www.thetransparencynetwork.org) ILLUSTRATE the need for a continued “Billiioniare Lobbyist” performance group. I once performed with the Billionaires. (G.I. Gottrocks ia mycharacter’s name…my Billionaire name) Story here with photos in a bit.

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