We can just see a recent birthday dude in the Hamptons huddled with a small media-medical team figuring out how do this challenge (this would be Bill Clinton he may not do it…hey may  be already doing enough extremely effective work in health care around the world. and may seek to focus his efforts in expanding that elsewhere) but this is not the point of this story. The point is that this a very effective campaign for ALS (Lou Gerig’s disease.) This will be the first health care oriented foundation we will begin to cover We definitely also know the 2nd one…but here’s some more info on the first http://www.alsa.org We really hope if a great ex-president is considering making a making a video to help the quest to conquer ALS worldwide, that all involved are proceeding with caution and good judgment. Bill has bouncy hair…and if they work with that properly, I frankly do not see an issue.

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