That Princeton story last week implied YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED DEEP POCKETS to influence almost any policy call. That equation should be evened out just a little bit…a people driven objective should be able to prevail occasionally without powerful money behind it. Quite often when big money plows along…insider and outsider interest do not collide at all….....and it really is the essence of leaving too many people feeling completely shut out of the the process…and to more arrogance from those who feel they ARE part of the process (the arrogance that often causes abuse of power …from theft of veterans funds… to overly arrogant and brutal police). In 1935…way more people…actually felt like they were part a movement to improve things.  It should not take an effort to overcome disaster to inspire that again.*

* THIS IS A NEW DEVELOPMENT FOR MOVE ON…eshewing fundraising in certain emails and focusing on petitoning…Al Franken started this one above. Bernie Saunders whose note is below started one we had up earliea…you can sign any of em. Will it mean something?…we’ll find out. Can this be the beginning of the end..of the end of Democracy? A story on how these petitioning organizations show you how you can start one of these things…tommorow.

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