Hadaya Toy Basket Co-Founder Jennifer Macdonald in Beirut with a few soccer balls donated mainly by the Asheville, North Carolina Community, all of which were distributed to Syrian Refuges Camps in Lebanon on June 22. These camps are actually getting less donor action at the moment…and the basic reality of involvement in them is that it helps forge a positive bridge between the Arab world and the west…and that bridge needs to really be strengthened…as extremism must be rolled back the keys to a better future in our view are very strong positive connections, projects and collaborations between the Arabian world and the west and the rest of the world….though particularly…the west.

June 22 2015, Beirut, Lebanon The Hadaya Toy Basket Project successfully distributed 200 packages packed with toys for Syrian Refugee kids in Camps In Lebanon today.
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We woke up early to haul the 200 toy bags down 6 flights of stairs, badly underestimating the amount of time and strength it would take! Friend and neighbor, Simon, eventually stepped in to help and we finally got all 200 down to the waiting bus.

Distribution Day

We arrived at the first camp, Musaab al Tuliani to a waiting crowd of mostly women (dressed in their finest) and children who had been told to expect something special today. Despite the number of people and the anticipation, distribution went pretty seamlessly.

The kids were thrilled beyond words to be getting an unexpected and special bag of treats…. within fifteen minutes this was happening:

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