The Third Way
Clean Energy (From the Third Way’s “Record of Impact.”)

Third Way developed a new centrist approach to the climate debate.

Third Way has rejected the ideological rigidity of the climate change debate, which pits climate deniers against those who believe renewables are the only answer. We have developed a campaign to ensure the U.S. leverages all of our energy resources as part of a climate solution, with a focus on commercializing advanced nuclear energy, cutting the carbon emissions from fossil fuels, and moving freight off American roads and onto our rails and waterways. Over a dozen of our proposals have been introduced as legislation or executive orders, and three have become law.”

Analysis: some of the above sounds smart. Advanced Nuclear energy requires some research, less carbon emission of fossil fuels you can’t argue with. More freight by sea and by train sounds romantic and is realistically effective. Pretty sure the biggest money will be made in Hyper Battery Storage of Solar Power, but these ideas above are fun and real. Oil and gas is not done by a long shot, but within the next ten years you’re going to hear extraordinary stories about solar batteries powering a whole bunch of stuff, and a lot of that is because of the forward thinking of the current administration, and, of course, entrepreneurs led by Elon Musk.

–Milon Henry Levine

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