Yes, Cory Booker, whose entire position in the senate is about mediation and unifying and working together, did just publish his autobiography “United.” But why now? Booker, during the last days of New Hampshire, campaigned with Hillary Clinton. He’s rarely mentioned as a VP choice. Why not? All her Vp choices that are being discussed at the moment are not famous. This election is gonna involve a lot of fame. He may come off as very strong, particularly constitutionally, for someone like Hillary (Booker was a wide receiver at Stanford who turned down NFL hysteria (he was very sought after in the NFL draft) to become a Rhodes Scholar, he routinely did things like rescue people in fires or run down criminals in Newark when he was Mayor there) BUT…Hillary is married to Bill Clinton, who in his day could sink icebergs (just by casually bumping into them). She’s used to very seriously constituted men in her life. We feel this is a VP choice. Oh yes, this is a VP choice indeed.  The choice of VPs is really usually very telling. In Trump’s case, he may be a strong enough salesman to sell ANY VP choice (this…we actually doubt…it’s the first really extremely serious judgement call of the nominee BUT in Trump’s case this idea of selling anything is the core element of his success at the moment so…)….

Of course who the candidates will be, as well as who the VP choices will be….remains to be seen….the above…may actually be some strategy in the works and we’re taking note of that possibility…so there you have it.

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