Sept 15, 2016 New York City –This one great paragraph from Garrison Keillor in today’s Washington Post is a great one, about how much the world is coming at you today with crackpot theories, magnified, of course, and in someway sometimes seemingly legitimized, by the internet. Are we living in a very unrealistic time, politically? Maybe kind of because of this?

English: Mr. Garrison Keillor
English: Mr. Garrison Keillor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in the day, you occasionally saw cranks on a street corner handing out mimeographed handbills arguing that FDR was responsible for Pearl Harbor, but you saw their bad haircuts, the bitterness in their eyes, and you turned away. Now they’re in your computer, whispering that the economy is on the verge of collapse and for a few bucks they’ll tell you how to protect your savings. But lacking clear evidence, we proceed forward. We don’t operate on the basis of lurid conjecture. 

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