The big revelation in this film…is that the Clinton Foundation took from money from the Saudis. and that the Saudis have given money to ISIS. Our question is…is Jullian Assange four years old. tTe Bush family business was built on Saudi money and Al Quaeda was founded because Bush left troops in Saudi Arabia…to protect our oil interets. Assigns conduct , releasing dating press releases over so far meaningless emails…it’s horrifying and it its 150 degrees in summer 10 year from now, somehow, because the result of the election…its Assange a “Journalist: and the FBI…a government agency that in a non-Trump police state..will get protected for this…possibly in a trump police state as well.

We’re all for better relations with Russian. I don’t believe in intervention in the Ukraine unless things would change their drastically. on the environment, freedom and everything else…the choice is yours to make. I think Assange has been the ugliest figure in this election. what he’s doing is not what transparency is about. This is for us, the worst use of journalism we have ever seen. Look the Clintons love to raise money and pay to play seems to be a part of what they are doing and if that is proven to exists in some sort of tragic way….then Assange is less guilty and that fine,but ostensibly he;s a man wanted for rape doing everything he can to defeat a possible first woman president in the United States. The fact that there is no privacy left in the world is real. That is why no one is unhackable… and nothing is classified. Assange has proved this…and the email thing may not turn out to be the big story. That one of the biggest Federal Agencies in the United states tried to swing and election because they are male and white….may turn out to be the big story of this election.

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