Coming back soon with more from “The Activists”…but exactly two months in today, and this story is emerging all over the world. At The President Show, we always liked the Donald….We always also liked Huey Long as well…but are willing to say that Long’s immense intelligence was hurt badly by personal problems that did border on the kind of liabilities that Trump’s greatest detractors would say Trump has: over confidence bordering on delusion. An inexplicable inability to deal with ANY KIND of criticism (and a serious taste for vengeance related to that) An interest in personal enrichment through the illegal use of a public job for profit, which in Trump’s case is actually literally more disturbing than we’re used to seeing, because of what seems to be a blatant disregard for anything other than the success of those at the top of the heap, and also a potentially more blatant use of the office of the presidency for profit, than we have ever seen in the United States.

At this moment, in a field in which one serious move can sometimes come close to completely redeeming a President in the public’s eyes…all the wrong VERY serious moves are being made. When you do not refute the story that your security bill is higher than what you seek to cut from the arts and the care of the aged…you are running into Huey Long (who of course was from completely the opposite side of the political spectrum) type problems very very early…in this presidency.

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