Ok. So right now the current president is facing an impeachment investigation that has a good chance of not increasing his popularity with his base…or with anyone. Joe Biden’s surviving son, Hunter, is suddenly being written about…and he does not seem to be a peach of a guy. Wall Street is saying it will plunge into the ocean if Liz Warren is elected…Washington pundits are saying she has no chance….Mark Zuckerberg is saying he will have no choice but to sue the government if she somehow actually wins. And…HRC is out with a book, with her daughter Chelsea, called “Gutsy Women.” If you were a voter, and I am, might not the question be asked “Could Hrc dismantle Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.” Because that is the question she…and right now many people…certainly around her….are asking. HRC has never been interested in running against an incumbent…but an incumbent being impeached? That she beat badly in a popular vote? “Gutsy Womens” release…is the best strategy we’ve ever seen her employ, and that strategy is being helped by current events quite a bunch. Will Hrc waste that? Hmmmm…maybe. But you do see our point here, n’ces pas?


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