Joe Biden handled himself well on 60 Minutes last night. The variables are Warren and Bernie.,..the disaster in the democratic party right now is STILL the Bernie or bust movement which is assanine and somehow unique to Bernie and I think hurts his primary movement rather than helps (but this can be proven wrong). Also HRC might jump in and Bloomberg is probably testing focus groups to see how spending 5 billion dollars very quickly would play. But Joe…looked good last night. So did Jill Biden. Bravo. We know from the famous Clinton Im not standing by my man like Tammy Wynette moment…that 60 minutes can mean something in American politics. So can a 3.5 percent un-employment rate. I would not look at any part of this as an easy road. and the way the 45th president is playing it…no matter what he actually says…i don’t think he’s looking at this as an easy road either.


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